Sunday, April 17, 2005

The Red Sweater

I was very happy this morning to see Maria come to church wearing a red sweater. She was a bit late, and I didn't have a chance to talk with her then, but during the sharing of the peace, I said, "You must be feeling better."

"Yes," she replied, "a lot better."

"I could tell," I responded. "You've been wearing black and grey. Today you're wearing a red sweater."

Maria is pregnant, and she's been feeling pretty yucky during the first three months; very tired, unable to keep food down, not up to doing much. She hasn't complained but there's been a look of patient suffering in her eyes.

Her first pregnancy was unexpected, and she was upset to find she was going to have a child. But once she accepted the situation, all went well. Their daughter has been such a joy to her and her husband, that they planned this second baby. But the "morning" sickness (actually "all day" sickness) and fatigue are new this time around.

I kept reassuring Maria of what she already knew; that she'd eventually start feeling better. (I didn't mention that a few unfortunate women are still throwing up on their way to the labor room.) Now I'm relieved to know that she'll soon enjoy food and be full of energy again, and that she feels like wearing her red sweater.


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