Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Old Women

One of the staff members at the exercise studio where I work out, was recently married. She's only 19 years old, and seemingly out of the blue, she came to work one day and said, "I got married yesterday." She seemed depressed, (though there may have been another reason for that).

In subsequent conversations, we've learned that her husband is in the Army and will be deployed to Iraq after the first of the year. It also seems that this was not a shotgun wedding.

I've been noticing how the women who come to work out --- mostly older women of grandmother age --- have been encouraging and supporting the young, new wife. We ask about the dress and jewelry she wore, we act excited and hopeful. We share our own stories of early married life. A picture of the bride and groom is now posted for everyone to see, along with a sign that says, "Congratulations!" As days have passed, we continue to speak about her marriage in a positive way. She's happier now.

Of course we have no idea how this couple will fare in years to come, but I'm glad to see that the age-old system of wise old women supporting young inexperienced women is still flourishing.


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