Sunday, September 21, 2008

What the Wedding Guests Wore

20 Sep 2008

As I walked past Town Hall this afternoon, a wedding party was just coming out. I stayed to watch and made the following observations:

There were 60--70 guests. Only five or six of the older women wore lamp-shade hats. The most dramatic was that of one of the mothers who was noticable in what looked like a leafy cabbage in an intense shade of yellow-green. The other mother and five or six younger women wore net/feather wisps. Older women wore transparent stockings in flesh or dark tones. Younger women, even in very mini-skirts, had bare legs. Older women wore classic pumps, younger women wore chunky heels with straps high over the instep.

The bride wore white: a strapless dress with shirred bodice, and a smooth skirt and train. There were tiny buttons all the way down the back. An abbreviated shrug of white lace covered her shoulders. She wore her blond hair swept up with a narrow, bejeweled headband.

A couple of 30-something guys wore kilts.

General fashion notes: Young women wear short, little-girl dresses or flippy skirts --- fitted at the hip, flared below --- over opaque tites. The dresses are usually made of a soft fabric and may be trimmed with limp ruffles. Skirts are often decorated. There is an interesting mixture of patterns and textures. For example, a heavily textured, tweedy or knit jacket or coat over a soft dress.

The form-fitting, low-necked, layered t-shirt look with push-up bra seems to be going out.


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