Saturday, September 27, 2008

Driving a Bus

25 Sep 2008

Being one of the first to get on board, I rode the bus from London to Oxford sitting in the left-front seat. (That put me just behind and above the door --- the driver, of course, was on the right.) With an unobstructed view of the road, I could appreciate the driver's skill, manuevering the huge vehicle though heavy traffic. Sometimes it seemed that there couldn't possibly be room to get past another large vehicle on the right,especially since there was a cyclist close by the front left corner of the bus. But we made it without a scrape or scratch or without even killing anyone.

It seems to me that all bus drivers go awfully fast, especially when they get to an unobstucted straight-away. I suppose it's a relief not to be hemmed in, and they have a schedule to meet.

I do worry about the motorcyclists on the highways. They zoom in and out between the cars and busses, and I can only guess that they have a high fatality rate.


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