Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Colors of Habitat

25 Sep 2008

The big Habitat store on Regent Street in London is featuring dark colors for home furnishings. Set against a background of light black or dark charcoal (however you want to think about it) are dark purple, dark wine, dark rust --- dark shades of all the colors from blue to purple to red to orange on the color wheel. No green or yellow.

Some rugs and upholstery are patterned with large-scale floral silhouettes, usually dark on dark. The only enliving touches are accents of bright red and orange.

Note: on the other hand, Aquascutum displayed clothing in the most intense colors possible, coupled in striking contrasts: a day-glo pink coat over a red-orange-red dress; a BP green skirt and BP yellow top with a red hat; an olive-green coat over a passionate purple dress.


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