Monday, May 12, 2008

L.A. Without a Car: Reflections

Would I do it again this way? Yes! The ride on Mega Bus was entirely satisfactory. The Metro and Dash bus and rail systems in Los Angles work well. It probably takes more time to travel this way than to drive, but not a lot more, and it's certainly less expensive and more restful. The Metro Plaza hotel near Union Station was OK, but not luxurious. The price of $90 per night was higher than a comparable motel would have been, but much less than a luxury hotel, and the location was very convenient.

I carried my XO little green computer with me all the time, thinking that if I was tired of walking, I'd sit down and blog. That never happened, but I used the camera that's part of the computer. That is the only thing I'd change --- I missed my good camera and will certainly take it with me on the next trip. The OX computer was convenient and adequate for internet access when I wanted to check a bus schedule or the opening times of a museum; for that I could have left it in the hotel room and lightened my backpack.

I felt safe in all the neighborhoods I visited and on the buses. I walked a lot. I visited five of the six major art museums in the Los Angeles area, missing only the Huntington in San Marino. I made a final and satisfying pilgrimage to the place where we had lived 45 years ago. And most of all, I have now renewed my acquaintance with a great American city.


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